Group Sessions 

Each class can be customized for the group depending on the intention and goal, aiming to keep you motivated, empowered and inspired. Nurturing and nourishing after the needs and purpose. 

Private Sessions

Tailored for your own personal growth and needs in body, spirit and mind practice. Opportunity to fine-tune your own practice whether your goal is to be more flexible, balanced or stress-relieved and relaxed.

Office Sessions 

Grow your workplace team stronger together with benefits as increased productivity and overall wellbeing. Get moving and the blood pumping! 

Studio Sessions

Find Natalie for group classes regularly on the schedule at Kita Yoga.



Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching 

We’ll work together to achieve your goals so you can live a healthier life where you’re hold accountable and being supported in a non-judgmental environment. 

Meal/Nutrition Planning 

A plan made specifically for YOU and what your needs are. No boring and cardboard tasting meals that leaves you starving. You’ll feel nourished and fulfilled, more energized and vital, ready to be the best that you can be. 


Meditation carries many benefits achievable for everyone. Beginner or intermediate practitioner, guided meditations can take us to new levels creating a clear and focused mind, emotional changes and a state of relaxation. Enjoy the sessions in bigger groups for stronger energy bond and community feels building your team stronger.

Reiki (Private Sessions)

Reiki is a Japanese word which means "universal lifeforce”. "Rei" means universal and "ki" stands for energy. Reiki is used to restoring harmony to mind, body and spirit. By using gentle touch, the energy in your body will be balanced, and thereby creating healing. It is 100% safe for anyone to receive and not invasive. 





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